Visit our new website on Field Fabricated Fiberglass Tanks

Plasticon Composites presents a new website, specially composed for customers who are in need of FRP storage tanks. The past decades we specialized in the concept of 'on site winding' also known as 'field fabrication'. This concept was mainly used for the winding of fiberglass chimney liners at power stations. Not only can we wind FRP cans on site at the customers' plant, we now offer you manufacturing of complete storage tanks wherever the customer is located!

This new approach we named 'Field Fabricated Fiberglass Tanks', to inform customers about this method and all benefits which are commonly unknown we build a special website and include all information on technical advantages, cost effectiveness, design, big diameters and more. Curious and want to find out more about this innovative and economical way of manufacturing? Visit the new website:

Read more information in the FFFT Brochure