FRP leach tanks | Ashland Newsletter Spring 2017 edition

Plasticon Composites finished an impressive project of field fabricating new leach tanks for the Nystar Belgium plant. Existing leach tanks, made of rubber-lined steel and stainless steel were replaced and the customer chose FRP tanks instead. The customer was convinced of the advantages of fiberglass material and selected equipment that would mean a low cost of ownership and little to no maintenance. 

Ashland was our main supplier of resin for this project and the team at Ashland highlighted the Nystar project in their Spring 2017 edition newsletter. Plasticon Composites is happy and proud of the positive attention our FRP leach tanks received and how Plasticon Composites, fiberglass tanks and piping systems are gaining popularity in the very corrosive chemistry used in the Metals and Mining Industry. Read more or watch the video about our project in Utah, USA at a copper plant.

Nystar Belgium, Leach Tanks

In 2012, Plasticon Composites secured a purchase order from Nystar Belgium to replace several failing rubber-lined steel and stainless steeel tanks in their hot leaching process application. The vessels were 21 feet (6.5 m) in diameter and 20 feet (6 m) tall. In this leaching process a range of metals (zinc, lead and copper) are leached from an ore slurry at 185 – 200 F (85 – 95 C). The original tanks had a life expectancy of 12 years but required costly and sometimes emergency ongoing maintenance attention. Our Plasticon Composites new vessels were fabricated with Derakane 441 epoxy vinyl ester resin. Plasticon has thus far replaced five of the original 12 rubber lined steel vessels for Nystar. An inspection conducted in 2016 showed them all to be in very good condition exhibiting no chemical corrosion in this very aggressive chemistry. 

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