Offshore FRP waste storage tanks

Last year, Plasticon Composites has supplied a FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastics) waste water tank to a wind-offshore platform in the North Sea, at the Dutch platform of ‘Gode Wind 02’. It is a 2,500 mm diameter Sump Tank with a storage capacity of 69 M3. The types of waste that are stored in this tank include cooling oil, diesel fuel, lubricants and kerosene.

Chemical resistance properties

The FRP tank is constructed with a special 'Chemical Barrier Layer' (CBL), a laminate at the inside of the tank, specially designed by the engineers of Plasticon Composites for this particular application. For this laminate the resin and glass is selected with care, it is a composition that reaches excellent resistance to all chemical liquids that the tank must store. Furthermore, the laminate on the outside of the tank is also made of FRP, the salty seawater and extreme weather conditions would damage materials as steel, as they would corrode quickly. FRP however will never corrode and be the best selection of material for marine conditions.

Offshore platforms

It happens more often, that these types of (wind) platforms are equipped with storage tanks from Plasticon Composites. Earlier, Plasticon has supplied offshore platforms with double-walled fuel tanks with a storage capacity of 200 m3. By choosing Plasticon tanks, you can trust on long life cycle of products and low maintenance requirements, the perfect choice for seas.

For more information about material, visit our page on FRP.

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