FRP Chimneys

Fiberglass chimneys, chimney liners or stacks made by Plasticon Composites International Contracting, are state-of-the-art products and proven to last for decades. Plasticon Composites International Contracting is the main supplier of chimneys and ducts for power stations since the eighties in Europe, Middle-East and the USA. The excellent material properties of fiberglass ensure a long lifetime and extremely little maintenance. As FRP is corrosion resistant, lightweight, high temperature-resistant and mechanically strong material: all characteristics for a perfect chimney. Only the best can be achieved by choosing the right supplier, only experienced engineers and a skilled onsite team can do the job. 

FRP stacks and liners beet concrete & steel

Owners of coal-fired power stations all over the world have been switching from concrete or steel chimneys to fiberglass. Many engineering companies have also learned from experience that FRP chimneys are the best choice for long term solutions. The superior corrosion resistance in wet acid and elevated chloride environments. Hardly any maintenance or repairs are required, we can show many reference projects of fiberglass chimneys operating care-free for decades. 

Specialists in FRP

The team of Plasticon Composites International Contracting is specialized in design, manufacturing and assembling of FRP chimneys and self-supported stacks. We offer onsite winding of the cans up to 12 meter diameter, assembly and installation is done by our small but skilled team with care and meeting all safety-requirements. This on site winding facility enables us to avoid transportation challenges of big products and do the job in the most efficient way.  

Advantages of fiberglass chimney liners or stacks

  • Large diameters, up to 12 meters
  • On-site winding possibilities 
  • High resistance in wet acid environments
  • Smooth assembly and installation
  • Lightweight
  • Self-supporting, guided support or steel support options
  • Long lifespan
  • Conductive inside surface for electrostatic protection
  • Maintenance-free
  • Low installation/assembly costs

More information about our on-site winding facilities, read more or request our white paper